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Standard of Points
Standard of Points for Snowshoes

The Snowshoe is a medium cat, first bred in the USA,replicas cartier of Foreign type. The Snowshoe combines the heftiness of its Shorthair ancestors with the length of its Siamese ancestors. It should be well balanced; neither too large nor too small: it should be firm, muscular, deceptively powerful and agile. A long cat, which has the appearance of a runner rather than a weightlifter. The unusual combination of pointing, the white pattern audemars piguet replica watches and the moderate body build set the Snowshoe apart from all other breeds. It has sparkling personality and is human orientated and affectionate.replicas patek philippe

Head - Medium in size, proportionate to the body. A broad wedge with slightly rounded contours. The top of head should be slightly rounded and the forehead slightly flat. Cheekbones set high with rounded contours. The nose to be straight of medium length, in proportion with the rest of the head, with a slight slope to the forehead creating two distinct planes when seen in profile and without a sharp break or stop. The muzzle should be of good length, neither extremely broad nor pointed nor square. Bite level and chin firm.

Ears - Medium to medium large. Broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Alert, continuation of the modified wedge with sparse furnishings.

Eyes - Walnut shaped with slightly greater length than width. Of medium size and slanted to the base of the ears. They should be set one width apart and not protrude nor be bold or deep set. The outer edge should be level with the base of the ears. Blue in colour, the deeper the blue the better, bright, sparkling and expressive.

Body and Neck - Body long and firm but not extreme. Medium in size with medium bone and musculature. Females are slightly smaller than the males. To be well built and powerful, but not bulky. Medium length of neck in proportion with the head and body. Well balanced. Heavier than appearance indicates.

Legs and Paws - Good length in proportion to the body and of medium bone. Paws short oval in shape

Tail - Medium at base, tapering slightly towards the tip, medium to long.

Coat - Medium-short with no noticeable undercoat. Smooth, glossy and close lying. Texture resilient.


Head 20
Ears 5
Eyes 15
Body, Neck & Bone structure 20
Legs & Paws 5
Tail 5
Coat length, texture and condition 10
Colour and Markings 20

Withhold Certificates or First Prize in Kitten Open Classes for :
1. Persian or Siamese head type
2. Complete hood of point colour, i.e. no contrast on head
3. Incorrect or dull eye colour
4. Small round ears
5. Any abnormality of bite or very weak chin
6. Neck which is too long and too slender
7. Body which is either cobby or of extreme length, sleek or dainty
8. Short legs
9. All four feet do not show some amount of white
10. White on the ears and or tip of tail
11. Lack of contrast between body and points
12. Double or plush coat
13. Any defect as listed in the preface of the SOP booklet

Withold all awards:


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