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Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Snowshoes Worldwide

Snowshoes having started out in the states are now found throughout the UK, in Denmark, France, Belgium, Poland and very soon Croatia. They are getting recognised worldwide, considering they are still a relatively rare breed. Australia now has a strong breeding programme of elite Snowshoe Cats.

The snowshoes owe their increasing popularity to their stunning blue eyes, white feet and dazzling replica watches for sale white vee on their faces. Not to mention their outgoing personality and people orientated and social nature.

Cost of a Snowshoe Cat

The cost of a Snowshoe Cat varies from breeder to breeder and depending on bloodlines and location.

In the UK alone expect to pay £550 for a colourpoint or Harlequin pet kitten, prices vary between £550 - £650 for Bicolour kittens and £650 for preferred show pattern kittens. To buy a Snowshoe cat for breeding on the active breeding register, prices start from £900. Stud cats are usually only placed in select homes and can fetch up to £1200 for preferred pattern.

Sometimes breeders retire and rehome their breeding cats. The standard cost in the UK is £250 which should include vet check, cost of neutering and up to date vaccinations.

Stud Cat services offered at either limited or public stud. Start from £200 and can be as much as £350 for import boys. Breeders usually offer terms with each mating and free return should the mating be unsucessful. See individual breeders for terms.

Snowshoe cats can be found cheaper, but please be aware of possible health issues, excessive inbreeding and if they are registered. These breeders may well be genuine, unfortunately back street breeders do still exist in the cat world.

Snowshoe Personality

Snowshoes have a need to be touched attitude and crave human attention. They do not handle being left for long periods of time and can get bored. Usually it is best to home 2 snowshoes to keep each other company. They are a social breed and enjoy the company of cats, dogs and children. They do not seem to be fazed by much and take everything in their stride.

The Snowshoe Temperment is one of the best in the cat world. They are brilliant with children and tolerate them well. Snowshoes have a tendancy to cuddle like babies cradled in your arms and adore attention. They are often laid back, relaxed cats with a very energetic playful side, although some have been known to be a bit more quieter and not so in your face. They make good freindly lap or shoulder cats when they are not charging about or exploring whats new.

The snowshoe cat can be stubborn at times and will push their luck, especially during teenage years. replica orologi Basic disipline is important to keep your Snowshoe well mannered and enables them to feel secure. Snowshoes are intelligent and enjoy learning. They are quite capable of being trained to walk on a lead, Relojes de imitación play fetch or take part in agility. At Cat shows Snowshoe tend to show off and display their extrovert side.
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