Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Welfare Information
We actively support people with snowshoes who need advice about welfare and help rehome Snowshoe cats. We have members of our club, who do not own a Snowshoe, but u-boat classico replica
love to support the breed and help with the welfare.

If you are considering rehoming your Snowshoe, think long and hard as to whether he or she will be better off in a new home. Usually its best that cats stay with their owners and its a case of working around any issues or problems. If this is not the case to minimize stress to all parties and most of all your rolex submariner replica
snowshoe cat, we suggest the following protocal:

The first protocal before rehoming your cat would be to contact the breeder. Most breeders have a contract to take the cat back or help you with rehoming to ensure the cat isnt passed from one home to the next.

If you cannot contact the breeder, contact us. We hold a list of people waiting for Snowshoe cats of all walks of life to adopt. We will discuss with you replica orologi rolex siti sicuri the best course of action to help resolve issues or find a permenant loving home. As a club we prefer to work with people rather than relying on animal shelters.

Primarly we are based in the UK and most replicas de relojes de lujo cats we rehome are uk based cats, but thats not to say we have cats internationally we can advertise on here and help find a new home.

We deal with Snowshoes of all replica panerai luminor gmt
ages that have nothing wrong with them and simply need audemars piguet replica a home and cats that have behaviour issues or health problems.

To keep our club active we ask for voluntry donations for every cat we rehome to the club. We reply totally on public support to make it possible and to support Snowshoe cats of all walks of life.

If you are considering adopting a Snowshoe from our welfare pages, then please email pam She holds a list of people waiting to adopt and will replica omega railmaster watches
keep you informed should a suitable cat or kitten come up.

Donations gladly accepted to Support the welfare of the Breed

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