Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Breed Progression
Snowshoes are fully recognised by TICA, FIFE and GCCF.

Expand Gene Pool
Healthy breeding guidlines found Here : GCCF Healthy Breeding Policy
The GCCF suggest that inbreeding should not exceed 17% over 5 replique rolex, replique montre pas cher generations. Calculations can be figured out using tenset breeders assistant software or contact GCCF. To expand the gene pool it is advised to outcross to related breeds to bring in new blood. Such as crossing back to bicolour BSH, Bicolour ragdoll or Siamese cats.

Importing & Exporting Cats
If you are able to import a cat whos lines are not the same in the uk. Then this will also expand our gene pool and will be welcomed by our current members. Exporting show and breeding cats to good international homes will encourage replica omega de ville watches
new lines internationally and ultimately expand our gene pool further.

Where are we now
Snowshoes are now fully recognised worldwide as a breed in their own right. The can be shown at championship level. Breeders are working hard on new outcross lines to introduce replica patek philippe nautilus watches
new colours and patterns, such as Apricot, Caramel, chocolate and Tabby.

Snowshoes can be any Siamese colour or pattern. Tabby, Tortie etc.
Snowshoe Cat Club Website
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