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Considering Breeding Snowshoes
If you would like to get into breeding Snowshoe Cats, as a club we can offer support and guidance to help all our new breeders to ensure cats are bred to the best standard and cared for. Please consider the following as you research the breed.

Irresponsible Breeding
The club would only like to attract responsible, considerate breeders and registered prefix holders. In the past groups of Snowshoe cats have been sold on and passed from one breeder to the next in a bid to make money. The club would like to elimate the backyard breeders who think they can make money out of this rare breed. Quite often cats bred by these people are not cared for properly and used as kitten factories. Cat breeding is a costly, but very rewarding experience. It is more a labour of love rather than a source of income.

Points to Consider

Although Snowshoes are easy to breed and generally make good mums, please consider the following omega replica
before you decide to breed: Breeding males and Females are likely to spray, but not all.

Girls must be kept away from neuter boys and outside toms while in call. Mis matings result in unwanted pregnancies, possible uterine infections and can make the girl audemars piguet millenary replica
release her eggs, especially if your neuter has mounted her just before! If you leave your queen to call excessively she will loose condition and there is a risk to her health. Ideally mated between 2 and 4 calls.

Finacially you will have to budget for Stud fees, which vary between 200- 350 and the pre Felv/FIV blood test 40- 80. Your queen must also be healthy and vaccianted and on the active register.

Your queen will require up to 4 times the amount of food she would normally eat while pregnant. Bedding and kitten pens and assessories soon add up.

When your queen has kittens, they need to have suitable diet and litter that doesnt cause digestion problems should they eat. Your queen may have complications (happens time to time) where she has trouble having kittens or need veterinary attention.

The kittens all need a course of vaccinations, usually at 9 and 12 weeks in the UK. Courses cost from 40 each. You may want to microchip the kittens 20 and each kitten will need worming and flea treatments. Unexpected vet bills, if your kittens become unwell must be considered. To register your kittens with the GCCF it costs 8/15 per kitten. If you have any spare money left over, most breeders usually spend it on toys, posts and usually cat shows! so cat breeding truely is a labour of love!

Joining our breeding programme
To join our programme you would need to be passionate about the Snowshoe cat, always considering the health, type and temperment first and happy to work with the progression of this rare breed. Individual existing breeders usually have cat and armani exchange replica
kitten policies to safe guard their cats and will offer to have the cat back (without financial contribution) should it not work out for you.

If you suspect a breeder or pet owner of not caring for their cats, please feel free to speak with our welfare officer.

Although I have orologi breitling highlighted orologi repliche perfette some key areas which can make breeding tough. The IWC replicas joys of tag heuer carrera replica watches
rearing your own kittens nearly always outway any potential negative aspects.
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