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Snowshoe Cat Club Website
Fancy Showing your Snowshoe?
Showing your Snowshoe can be very rewarding for you and your cat. If your cat enjoys shows, like most snowshoes do, then you will most likely discover the extrovert show off they can be!

Some snowshoe owners say that the bond gets stronger at cat shows as you both get time alone together and there has to be a level of trust.

Once you and your cat gets over the intial nerves, showing is good fun as you get to meet new people, your cat gets to show off and hopefully your cat will win you a rossette or two to bring home.

Showing is good to establish replica rolex air king
the standard and type of your cat and what is desired for the breeding programme. For pet owners its nice to see how well your cat does on the show bench and something to brag about!

Can I show my Snowshoe?
Cats that are 4th generation plus can be shown at GCCF cat shows. If your Snowshoe is a new generation outcross, s/he may be eligable to show, providing s/he is of good type in pedigree pet classes. Colourpoint (no white) Snowshoes and cats with white on their ears cannot be entered into show replica audemars piguet watches
classes, but can entered into pet master classes at GCCF shows. TICA Accept lower generation for showing and are placed worldwide. The shows are a lot more fun with TICA with faster progression, than GCCF shows.

What if my Snowshoe is 3rd generation?
If your Snowshoe is 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation you cannot show them in the Open competition classes with the GCCF, unless they are outcrosses. You can show them in pet master classes. In Pet Master Classes you can gain grand and Imperial master cat titles. You could also put your Snowshoe on exhibition (show) this will earn you a special rosette. You can decorate exhibition pens as you please. If however your snowshoe is an outcross replica tag heuer watches
with 50% snowshoe (one parent siamese and one parent snowshoe) you can show with GCCF, providing s/he is of good type and the pink reg slip allows it.

Exhibition pen decorated for GCCF Supreme Show.

For more information and how to show cats seefor more information or ask your breeder to help fill out forms and advise you.
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